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Georgian Association of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (GACIR) was established in January 2010 on the basis of Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) Center of interventional Radiology. The president of the society is Malkhaz Mizandari. Dr. Mizandari is a full Professor of the Department of Radiology at Tbilisi State Medical University. He graduated from Tbilisi State Medical Institute in 1980 and completed his
postgraduate course in Radiology in December 1983. From January 1984 he has been working at the Department of Radiology at Tbilisi State Medical University specializing in Diagnostic Ultrasound. In 1987, Dr. Mizandari received the Scientific Degree - Candidate of Medical Sciences and in 2003 - Degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. Has been working at the Department of Radiology of Tbilisi State Medical University - TSMU (former Tbilisi State Medical Institute) since 1984 as an Assistant Professor. Since 2002 he is an Associate Professor and since 2006 – Full Professor of Radiology of TSMU Radiology Department. Dr.Mizandari is a Director of TSMU Post-Graduate Masters Program in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (which has been approved in The Commonwealth of Nations). Working at TSMU Central Clinic he worked in the field of Interventional Radiology – the first
gallbladder puncture under ultrasound guidance was performed in 1987; Interventional Radiology Department was established in 2004; in 2009 he established TSMU Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Centre, located at TSMU Clinic after acad.S.Khechinashvili. In 1998 Dr. Mizandari founded Ultrasound Education and Research Centre “GEOJEFF”, which is recognized as an Affiliate Centre by Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (JUREI) of Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA, USA). GACIR office address: 33, Chavchavadze ave, Tbilisi, 0179,Georgia. Tel/fax (995 32) 23 1162,. E-mail gacir2010@gmail.com                                   
Training and Education

Geojeff Ultrasound Training Center The Ultrasound Education and Research Centre “GEOJEFF” – the Affiliated Centre of Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (JUREI) of Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA, USA) is established in 1998. From the very beginning “GEOJEFF” Centre operates in strong collaboration with Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU). Since 2006 “GEOJEFF” Centre collaborates with Organization Gestosis Affiliated and Sponsored Hospitals (OGASH) GEOJEFF” Centre operates the post-graduate training in Diagnostic and Interventional
Ultrasound for Medical Doctors. The training starts with basic 12 week postgraduate Certificate Program in Diagnostic Ultrasound entitled “General Course in Diagnostic Ultrasound”, which might be followed (if required) by fellowship to get deeper knowledge and practical skills in definite spheres of Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound. During the whole training period the program participants are allowed to use the comprehensive educational material of “GEOJEFF” Centre; from the very beginning of the program they attend and, after the basictraining course completion, perform clinical examinations and participate in ultrasound guided interventions. The training program includes the following spheres of Ultrasound:
1. Physics and Instrumentation
2. Abdomen
3. Ob/Gyn
4. Echocardiography
5. Vascular and Neurological Ultrasound
6. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
7. Interventional Ultrasound (Percutaneal, Rectal and Vaginal Diagnostic and Low-Invasive
Treatment Procedures)
“GEOJEFF” Centre is provided with modern diagnostic and education equipment, comprehensive education material and operates in Georgian, Russian and English. “GEOJEFF” Centre is located at TSMU Central Clinic. Postgraduate Training program in diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Please, see the related site – www.tsmu edu AVAILABLE INTERVENTIONAL PROCEDURES The Diagnostic Procedures : fine needle and core needle biopsy under real-time ultrasound or CT control using percutaneal approach is performed to abdominal organs (liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal, retroperitoneal masses), thorax including mediastinum, breast, thyroid, soft tissues; rectal and vaginal approach is used for organs of small pelvis (ovary, tube, prostate,
Douglas pouch)  

The Treatment Procedures are performed under real-time Ultrasound,CT or Combined (Ultrasound-Fluoroscopy and CT-Ultrasound-fluoroscopy) control: Ultrasound Guidance –aspiration, rinsing, sclerotherapy procedures using percutaneal approach - abdominal organs (liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal, retroperitoneal masses), breast, thyroid, soft tissues, subcutaneal neural plexus (for anesthesia); rectal and vaginal approach is used for organs of
small pelvis (ovary, tube, ectopic pregnancy, prostate, Douglas pouch). Combined Ultrasound-X-Ray-CT Guidance – drainage procedures using percutaneal approach is performed to abdominal organs, intra and retroperitoneal fluid collections, soft tissues (cholangiostomy, cholecystostomy, nephrostomy, pancreatic and other intra and retroperitoneal fluid collections drainage); Portal Vein Thrombus Mechanical Destruction and Catheter-DirectedLocal Thrombolysis . Visceral artery embolization procedures are performed under DSA guidance. Interventional Radiology Service is ready to start Electro-Chemical Therapy (ECT), Radio- Frequency Ablation (RFA), Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) and Trans Arterial Chemoembolization (TACE).Conferences and seminars CONFERENCES

“RFA and Interventional Radiology”
1. Organizing institution – Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU)  TSMU Interventional
Radiology Center
2. Date: February 20, 2009. 14.00 .
3. Venue - TSMU, III building, 29, Vazha-Pshavela av., Tbilisi. 0177, Georgia
1. M.Mizandari – Full Professor of TSMU Department of Radiology, Director of TSMU
Interventional Radiology Center
2. D.Klimke -      Sales Director Northern Europe, “Angiodynamics”
3. N.Habib -        Head of Department of Biosurgery & Surgical Technology Division of
Surgery,  Oncology, Reproductive Biology & Anaesthetics  Imperial College London Hammersmith Hospital|
4. F. Todua - Professor, Director of the Researching Center of Clinical Medicine  

1. M.Mizandari – “Concept of Interventional Radiology”
2. M.Mizandari – “TSMU Interventional Centre Activities and Development Trends”
3. D.Klimke – “The Physical Basics of RFA”
4. D.Klimke – “RFA of Tumors – Indications and Possibilities”
5. N.Habib –  "RFA Assisted Resection Original Technique for Open and Laparoscopic Surgery"
6. F. Todua. G. Tsivtsivadze - "RFA of Tumors"
7. Live Demonstration and Workshop – D.Klimke – RFA and RFA Assisted resection using liver phantom 

Training Course: “Biliary and Oncologic Interventions”
1.Organization institution – ESIR (European school of interventional radiology) and GACIR
2. September 03-04, 2010
3.Venue – TSMU, 33 Vaja-Pshavela ave., Tbilisi, 0177, Georgia For detailed information, please see the brochure

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