The next  (#42) meeting of Georgian Association of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology – “GACIR presents at GEST2022 meeting (New-York, May 19-22, 2022)” takes place at  6 p.m., June 30, 2022.

Venue: “New Hospitals”, administrative building, the 5-th floor, conference hall

12, Krtsanisi st. 0114, Tbilisi


1. Artificial controlled pneumothorax as the adjunct for image guided transthoracic biopsy – technique and results

M.Mizandari, T.Azrumelashvili, O.Urushadze

2. LGV embolization for esophageal varices bleeding as an independent treatment option or adjunct for PV recanalization

M. Mizandari, T.Azrumelashvili, P.Keshavarz, O.Urushadze

3.Image guided percutaneous pancreatic duct drainage – indication, technique, results

M. Mizandari, T.Azrumelashvili, M.Kiladze, O.Urushadze, N.Habib

4. Pancreatic duct stricture endoluminal RFA&stenting in percutaneous management of inoperable pancreatic cancer M.Mizandari, T.Azrumelashvili, O.Urushadze, N.Habib

5. VesOpen procedure – PV malignant thrombus percutaneous recanalization by endoportal RFA and stenting

M.Mizandari, T.Azrumelashvili, E.Gotsiridze, N.Habib

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