Simultaneous Left Gastric Vein(LGV) embolization and Portal Vein (PV) recanalization by endovascular RFA and stenting

01.  Portography after left PV peripheral patentbranch puncture

02.  Introducer sheath is advance and portography “above the thrombus” is performed

03.  Portography “below the thrombus” – tumor thrombus is documented

04.  Guidewire and 5Fr diameter advantage catheter is introduced in left gastric vein (LGV)

05.  Contrast injection in LGV depicts esophageal varicosis

06.  LGV embolization by coil implantation

07.  Post-embolization contrast injection in LGV documents no more esophageal varicosis

08.  Portography for ablation aiming

09.  8Fr diameter bipolar RF device is positioned for thrombus processing

10.  14 mm diameter vascular stent in introduced

11.  14 mm diameter vascular stent is  introduced, portography is performed via the introducer sheath

12.  Stent is implanted

13.  Post-procedure portography shows the restored PV patency

14.  Post-procedure portography shows the restored PV patency

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