TOA – TOA pervaginal drainage, performed under combined (Ultrasound-Fluoroscopy) control

Toa-1   -   Pre-procedure MRI, sagittal image – big fibroid, 2 cystic masses (TOA) are seen behind the uterus

Toa-2 -   Drainage procedure – endovaginal Ultrasound. The puncture needle is advanced into the  “target”

Toa-3 -  Drainage procedure – endovaginal Ultrasound. Puncture needle stylet is removed and X-ray contrast is injected (echogenic “cloud”)

Toa-4 - Drainage procedure – endovaginal Ultrasound. Guidewire is conducted via the puncture needle canula

Toa-5 - Drainage procedure – Fluoroscopy control. Opacified TOA cavity is imaged; The guidewire is seen in it.  

Toa-6 - Drainage procedure – Fluoroscopy control.  The drainage catheter advancement According  the guidewire

Toa-7  - Drainage procedure – Fluoroscopy control. The drainage catheter “Pig-Tail” is adequately located in the “target”

Toa-8 – Post-procedure MRI control before the drainage catheter withdrawal – the drainage catheter is residual cavity is imaged

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